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Yosemite Oct 04

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After doing a 4x4 trip in the Sierra National Park Teresa and I stopped by the Yosemite for a couple of days. As it was fall the waterfalls were pretty dry and the weather didnít always play along. Bliksem was with us so we couldnít do any of the short trails, but at least he enjoyed the scenery as well. Below are some of the pictures.


altitude at galcier point

andries and bliksem glacier point

bliksem teresa glacier point overlooking half dome

bridal veil fall

bully el capitan

bully h dome

bully halfdome

bully on 41

bully valley road 2

cars el capitan

cathederal spires

cathedral spires2

dead tree by yosemite falls

dry yosemite falls day2

el capitan

elevation valley

family at glacier point

giant sequia

glacier point day2

halfdome skyline

halfdome valley


hdome from 41

management fires from valley

merced river 2

merced river valley

nevada fall

resting bully

skyline from glacier point road

skyline from valley

teresa and I by fallen sequia

teresa and bliksem at glacier point

teresa and i halfdome

toy looking at half dome

toy valley road

valley road 2

valley road

vernal fall



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