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As the 4Runner has IFS and was pretty low it limited the off road capability. I then did the Daystar spacer lift, which helped somewhat with ground clearance. With the XREAS system it is not possible to exchange it for longer shocks, so suspension flexibility is still somewhat limited. However after seeing Good Times getting pretty good flex out of his front with a coil-over setup, I was compelled to start looking into what was possible with the 4Runner and XREAS.

One of the big things was to disconnect the front swaybar. However with the 2003+ 4Runners you have to remove it completely as it will interfere with the drive shafts. So I removed mine to see how much flex was possible with a stock suspension. I noted that it is not acceptable for me to have the 4Runner, as a daily driver, without the swaybar as the front is too sloppy.

Below are pictures James took of my 4Runner after I removed the front swaybar. I measured the front and rear flex from the center of the wheel to the fender.

Front    Compressed  17”   Extended 25”    Total travel 8”

Rear   Compressed 15”    Extended 28”      Total travel  13”

Not bad at all for a stock setup without the front swaybar. I could have gotten maybe a bit more if I really tried, but this is about how good as it will be stock. We then measured James’ with the swaybar in, and the rear was the same. The front however only had a little more than 5”. Maybe we could get more if we tried but no point.

Below are the pictures of how the measurements were taken.

Touching the bumpstop.

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