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Rubicon 02

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In August of 2002 my brother Carel flew over from South Africa, and we did the Rubicon Trail. My BMW convertible was obviously no match for the trail ;-) So we went with Harald Pietschmann on the trail. He provides a complete package to do the trail including vehicles. I can definitely recommend this, as he provides expert guidance and there is no risk to your own vehicle. Go to his site for more info http://www.rubicon-trail.com/

Carel had more experience than me and also did the initial stretch. As I had very little 4x4 experience, I started with the easier sections. As the week went on I did more of the difficult sections.

We were joined by Becky (adventure woman from outside Boston) and the Pape’s (Mom, Dad and Son Chad).

We started out from Georgetown, and had to stop at Uncle Tom’s cabin for a few beers (of course). At Uncle Tom’s we got the bitch (miller Lite poster girl) to take with on the trip. You will see some interesting pictures of her at different points on the trail. From there we went through the Gate Keeper and camped at Pleasant Lake for the first night.

The second day we drove through to Buck Island lake. On the way we had to help rescue an old Chevy pickup, by moving a rock out of the way. All part of the interesting experience. We also had to do some minor repairs on the Jeep’s chassis. We camped at Buck Island that night.

The next day we went through Big Sluice down to Rubicon Springs. Swam in the springs, etc. At the camp that night a yuppie bear decided to drink some of the bottled water out of the Jeep, instead of the lake next to it.

The last day we worked our way back to town and ran into some Toyota’s trying to go through Little Sluice. We finally ended back in Georgetown.

Enjoy the pics, click on menu on the left. The first gallery (thumbnails) will take you to smaller adjusted pictures for quick viewing, and the second gallery (full size) will take you to the full size pictures. I shot a lot of video on the trip and will make some clips for the website later.


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