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OME install part1

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More info and installation instructions can be found at Toyota120.com

OME vs stock front struts

OME vs stock front coils

OME vs stock rear shocks

OME vs stock rear coils

Rear XREAS disconnect point

Frotn XREAS disconnect point

Toytec top spacer and OME trim packer

Size of the spacer and trim packer

Toytec spacer on top plate

Front strut installed

CV angle on passenger side

CV angle on driver side

After side shot

OME washer

OME washer

Locating washers

Stock Toyota washer and bushing

Trying to flex at the quarry



Rear flexing at the frame twister

Frame twister

Mud Area flex

Mud Area flex

VW and Unimog look alike

VW Syncro

Unimog look alike

Truck Hill flex

Flex at Truck Hill

Nice 80 by the mud area

Hardly dirty after a little playing at Hollister

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