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Was time to replace the Freelander as the services cost more than the BMW, Volvo and Toyota combined, even with it being the cheapest car of them all. I guess we all live and learn. Since I liked my 4Runner quite a lot we decided to get the fancy brother, a Lexus GX470. Picked it up in May 2005. It is definitely more fancy than the 4Runner and also more roomy inside. It is basically just the upscale 4Runner and very similar to the Prado 120 offered in South Africa and Australia. It still has more luxuries than the Prado and is only offered with the new 270HP V8. Oh well guess you have to get V8s when you are in the states. The overall experience so far has been the pretty good at the Lexus dealer, will have to see how it goes. Below are some pictures.

At the dealer

Another shot at the dealer

Rear shot at dealer

Teresa in her new toy

It is home

At home sideshot. Nice lines.

Interior is not too shabby

Engine bay is just plastic

Bliksem inspecting the accomadation

Side by Side

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