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Hollister Hills 03

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We visited Hollister Hills a few times in 03 to test out the 4Runner and also our skills. A great learning ground with lots of helpful people.

We met up with one guy with a Pathfinder on a Saturday. He spotted for me going up the Stairsteps at the obstacle course. My first time doing that. We also went to play in the mud. I got stuck and a build up Toyota pickup got me out. The Pathfinder followed and also got stuck exactly at the same point, and had to be rescued by the same truck.

While we were playing in the mud a guy with a Ranger was looking at us instead of the road, so he drove into a big hole.

We will definitely go there many more times, it gets pretty rough in the winter with the rain and mud.

Enjoy the pics, click on menu on the left. The first gallery (thumbnails) will take you to smaller adjusted pictures for quick viewing, and the second gallery (full size) will take you to the full size pictures.

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