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Hanna Sliders

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James originally saw these sliders on 80 Series Cruisers and decided to see if they can be made for 4th gen 4Runners as well. One of the tricks with the 4th gen is that some of them have XREAS cross-link shocks. The lines and center reservior sits next to the frame on the outside. This will made  welding of sliders or fitting of any typ e of sliders very tricky. Ken Hanna of Hanna Quality came up with a real good solution and a very high quality product, hmmm maybe that is why it is called Hanna Quality. I first saw these sliders in real life at SnT 2004 on James’ 4R and was very impressed with the build quality. I ordered a set as part of a group buy on Yotatech.

Got mine fitted this weekend (January 2005), and then went out with James where Ken had him test his out of some rocks close to SLO. Mostly poser shots but some real good ones. At one point Ken had James use the sliders as a swivel to slide around a rock, the sliders actually chipped some of the rock off. We all thought that was pretty funny that the rock crumbled when he did it.

In Feb 2005 we went to Pismo and I blew a bead on my one front tire. First time used the Hi-Lift on them in the “field”. Those pics are at the bottom of the gallery.

Below are the thumbnails.

High lift tests at Hanna's place

Ken Hanna looking at his work

Posing pics out at the rocks above SLO

Morrow rock

Admiring the view from the top

A quick trip down Hi Mountain road to top off the day

In action at Pismo

Another Pismo shot

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