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Some general 4x4 stuff in this section. Mostly useful links to other sites. I will add maps and GPS waypoints page soon, where I will put some common trails and 4x4 places on where I have been. I will use NAD27 Datum for the GPS waypoints.

Instructions for Daystar lift on 4th Gen 4Runner

Toyota cabin filter mod

Hanna Sliders for 4th Gen 4Runners

Ipod install with NEO connector

OME install part1

Cargo System

So here are some useful links:

Great new forum for the new 4Runner, GX470, Tacoma, FJ Cruiser and Prado 120

Places to go 4wheeling in California

Hollister Hills Info

Toyota 4x4 site

4x4 Books and Maps and other stuff

Good 4x4 video’s

Want to buy a new car, see what you need to pay for it and more

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