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CA Central Mountains 03

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March 2003 Teresa and I went to the California Central mountains region to do some trails for a weekend. We took Bliksem with, so he can enjoy it as well. As we didnít have camping gear (still donít) we had to use the Holiday Inn at Bakersfield as home base and drive from there everyday. My first real trip with my new 4Runner, so I had to test it. We went on our own so I didnít want to do any real difficult trails, also my ďbabyĒ was still brand new.

I used the Backcountry Adventures: Southern California book from Peter Massey, which is excellent for guys like me who drives a stock SUV. We did the Bird Spring, Dove Spring, Jawbone Canyon, Last Chance Canyon and Opal Canyon Trails and roads.

It was excellent, some great sites to see and the 4Runner performed really well. On the Sunday going down into the wash on the Last Chance Canyon trail we scratched the front and rear bumpers on the 4Runner as well as squeezed the exhaust pipe closed. Fortunately for the tow bar or else we would have broken off the rear bumper. Hopefully with some more experience and road building skills I will avoid it in the future.

In this area there is also a Johannesburg and Randsburg, named during the gold rush in California. These towns were named after the gold mining cities in South Africa. So South Africans enjoy the pictures as you will see a big difference in size. Not everything is bigger and better in the USA :-)

Enjoy the pics, click on menu on the left. The first gallery (thumbnails) will take you to smaller adjusted pictures for quick viewing, and the second gallery (full size) will take you to the full size pictures.

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